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Kathy and David Blackwell have published over 40 books for young string players with Oxford University Press.

kathy-and-david-blackwellThese include the progressive repertoire and technique books of the Fiddle, Viola, and Cello Time series, and books of pieces for junior string ensemble. They have twice won the UK’s Music Industries Association award for Best Education Publication.

Kathy Blackwell, B. Mus. (Hons.), LTCL, LGSM, studied music at Edinburgh University and continued with post-graduate studies in music at the University of Oxford. Kathy is a string teacher with many years’ experience of teaching violin and viola. She was a strings consultant for the ABRSM Music Medals, and a contributor to the accompanying book All Together! Teaching music in groups (ABRSM, 2004). She has worked for Music Services and privately and her teaching experience has led her to co-author Fiddle, Viola, and Cello Time with her husband, David.

David Blackwell, B. Mus. (Hons.), studied music at Edinburgh University. Alongside the string books he has written with Kathy, he has edited Piano Mix, three books of piano arrangements (ABRSM, 2015), co-edited Piano Star, three books of pieces for young players (ABRSM, 2016), shortlisted for the Best Print Resource Award at the 2017 Music Teacher Awards for Excellence, and written a number of pieces in OUP’s Piano Time series. His choral music is published in the UK and America, and for OUP he has co-edited Carols for Choirs book 5, In the Mood and Oxford Hymn Settings for Organists, six volumes of hymn preludes.

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